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We are a broker of new and used Symbol Technologies with a variety of used Symbol barcode equipment:


Used Symbol PDT terminals

Symbol Technologies models:

PDT 3110, PDT 3140, PTD 3142, PDT 3146

PDT 6840, PDT 6842, PDT 6846

PDT 6140, PDT 6142, PDT 6146


Modules including:

WWC1040, WWC1046

WWC1019, Symbol Ring Scanner RS1

WSS1040, WSS1060, More..

900mhz Spectrum One, 2.4ghz Spectrum 24


Portable/Order Entry computers from Symbol

Symbol PDT3100, the most popular unit produced, PDT 3100

Cradles, including CRD 3100, CRD6100, and More

PDT+ 1475, PDT+ 1510, PDT+1500



Used Symbol Scanners

LT1700, LT1800

LS1000, LS1004, LS1006

LS2000, LS2020, LS2030, LS2050, LS2501, More..

LS3000, LS3200, LS3200ER, LS3603, LS3280, More..

LS4000, LS4004, LS4005, LS4006, LS4008, More..

LS6000, LS6005, LS6004, LS5000, LS5700, More..



Nearly all Symbol PDT and PPT units are available

Laser scanners, wands, wireless access points, more



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We have other used Symbol PDT wireless equipment as well:


Used Symbol Access points

Symbol Technologies models:

AP-3020, AP-3021

Used Symbol Spectrum24

AP2411, More ...

AP4121, AP4131

3850 Tranceiver (legacy spectrum one)


Mobile forklift units:


VRC7940, VRC7946

Pen computers/PocketPC

PDT7200, PDT7242, PDT7246

PDT8100, PDT8146

PDT2800, PDT2700

SPT1700, SPT1800, SPT1740, SPT1846, More


We have new and used Symbol Technologies equipment.


We buy and sell, contact us for all your equipment needs.



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symbol pdt3100



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